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Powersmart – Vanabaka Resort Fiji – Solar power generation and charging system

Rotorua District Council – Aquatic Centre & Water Treatment SCADA Sytem

SCION Rotorua – Pilot Pulp Plant SCADA & PLC Controls

Paramount Stainless Tauranga – Debagger Controls

Richmond Valley District Council NSW Australia – Sewage & Water Treatment

Aongatete Coolstore Ltd, Katikati NZ – SCADA and control, data management

Trevelyans Pack & Cool Ltd,Te Puke NZ – Bin Dump Controls SCADA & Controls

Supacrete Concrete – Concrete SCADA & Batching Controls

Canterbury Meats – Boiler Controls

Pauls Industries –Tauranga – Mesh Welder & Bitumen Paper controls

Goodman Fielder – Mt Maunganui –  Plantwide  Flour Mill PLC & SCADA

Dominion Salt – Mt Maunganui  – Plantwide SCADA & Controls

Angotete Coolstore – Katikati – Coolstore Controls & SCADA

Nelson Hospital – Boiler control system

Taylor Lime – Kiln & Oxide Plant controls

Blackhead  Quarries – Rock Crusher controls & Scada

Cadbury Dunedin – Mikroverk Kitchen & Chocolate Counter

Aitkens Concrete – Concrete Batching controls & SCADA Gisborne

Apata Coolstore – Bin Dump controls

Greenmount (ASADO ) Foods – PLC support & upgrade

Trevelyans Coolstore _Te Puke – Bin Dump controls

Balance  Fertilizer plant - Mt Maunganui- PLC & SCADA Controls

Devan Plastics- Ovens & Mouldings Plant

Mobil Oil – Mt Maunganui – Boiler & Mobile Bunker Plant

Centre Point – Port of Wellington – Gangway Controls for Lynx Ferry

NZ Flour – Tirau – Plantwide SCADA & Controls

Bakels Edible Oils – SCADA & PLC Controls, Boiler,Tub Filler & Cherry Burell Project

Orica Chemicals – PLC & SCADA upgrades for Mount & Morrinsville plants

Fulton Hogan – Polymer Plant Upgrade

Fonterra – Coolstore Datalogger controls for Te Awamutu, Kerepehi, Waharoa Sites

Intermilk – Tauranga – Bottle collation Plant

Global Roofing – Tile & Ridge press controls

Rhondium – Crown machine controls

Tui Fertilizer – Bagging Machine controls

Shell Oil & Gas – Greenstone PLC & SCADA Mt Maunganui

South Island Mussel Processors – SCADA & PLC

Sanford Ltd Tauranga, NZ – SCADA & PLC Controls North Island Mussel Proccesors

Sanford  Ltd Havelock, NZ - SCADA & PLC Controls South Island Mussel Processors

Goodman Fielder Mt Maunganui NZ – SCADA & PLC Controls of Flour Mill & Wheat Mill

Dominion Salt Ltd - Mt Maunganui  NZ - SCADA & PLC Controls

Cadbury Choclate Ltd –Dunedin NZ – SCADA Expansion

Fulton Hogan Ltd Mt Maunganui NZ – SCADA & PLC Controls

Vector Ltd - Auckland, NZ – Assisted with controls programming for Auckland Harbour Bridge Lights Solar charging system

Fonterra Coolstores, Te Awamutu, Waitoa, Waharoa & Kerepehi  NZ – Intech 2000 Datalogger Coolstore control

Global Roofing Ltd, Tauranga – Ridge cap automation

Powersmart Ltd Tauranga NZ – Vunabaka Resort Fiji Solar power generation system controls & SCADA

Supacrete, Tauranga NZ – Concrete Batching Plant

Rotorua District Council, Rotorua NZ – Aquatic Centre & Water Treatment SCADA

Nelson Hospital, Nelson NZ – Boiler Controls & SCADA

NZ Flour, Tirau NZ – Flour mill controls & SCADA

Blackhead Crushing, Dunedin NZ – Rock crushing plant

Balance Agri – Nutrients, Mt Maunganui NZ – Turbine Alternator

Paul Industries, Tauranga – Bitumen Paper, mesh welder and fence wire machine automation

Tui Products – Bag Weigh Hopper controls

Bakels Edible Oils, Mt Maunganui – Cherry Burrell, Boiler & Hot Melt Packing upgrades

Aitkens Concrete, Gisborne NZ – Concrete Batching Controls

Apata Coolstore, NZ – Bin Dump Controls

Devan Plastic, Tauranga NZ - Moulding & Oven controls

Richmond Valley District Council, NSW Australia – Sewage & Water Treatment SCADA & Controls

INDUSTRIES SERVED: Solid Wood Processing - Batch Processing - Flour Milling - Material Handling - Boiler Controls - Concrete Industry

ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT: Moisture Meters - Industrial Lasers - Joy Sticks - Laser Scanners - Hydraulic Actuators - CCTV - Metal Detectors

TIMBER INDUSTRY: Edger Systems - Setworks - Bin Sorter - Kiln Control - Scanning & Optimisation Solutions - Tally System -

Saw Deviation Monitoring - Carriage Winch Control - Mill Management Systems



NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) Convention & Exhibition New Orleans, USA

OCTOBER 2nd - 4th 2019

WOODTECH Rotorua New Zealand - 11th-12th September

WOODTECH Melbourne Australia - 17th-18th September